Base Tutorial. Topic. Finite Element Analysis. Level If the solver CalculiX is not installed see FEM Install. The following is the tutorial from : Calculix FEA Beam Part 1: Buliding Geometry and Meshing. This article is the first. Then presented as an alternative to the basic tutorial “Getting Started with Calculix” by Jeff.

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This makes the contact area stiffer. Click HERE for the jet-engine-model and documentation. If the tutorail version doesn’t run, the nonlinear problem won’t run either.


It may lead to undesirable results if a lot of bending is involved. The method used is the finite element method. By Sebastian Rodriguez — [Libre Mechanics] [1]. Most of the documents recurses as images and this tutorial its available at the sourceforge page. The jet engine was caldulix around a turbo-charger rotor in the early 90’s by Andreas Funke and Klaus Wittig. Therefore it must know the name and syntax of each command, or at least constant consultation of the user manual.

Because the solver makes use of the abaqus input format it is possible to use commercial pre-processors as well. You can easily verify whether the thicknesses you specified are correct. The memory needed to run a problem depends on the largest node and element numbers the computational time, though, does not. So if dalculix notice large gaps in the numbering, get rid of them and you will need less memory. This leads to a larger variation in the results if you use linear elements.

The right and left side of the disks are connected by cyclic symmetry equations which allow to calculate eigenvalues and mode-shapes for certain nodal diameters of a rotational symmetric volume based only on a segment of the structure.


The FE-model was build from scratch with CalculiX and the compressor- and turbine models together with solver input files can be found in the distribution.

Only a subset of commands which are most important for post-processing is also available through a pop-up menu.

A vda CAD interface is available. Furthermore, you get a feeling what the solution should look like. Click Tuutorial to see the example of the turbo-charger turbine.

For a quick overview of the capabilities of CalculiX the results of an investigation of a small jet engine are presented. Therefore, most finite element programs modify the standard shape functions tutoral linear elements to alleviate these problems. For the ease follow of this tutorial the different used and generated files named on the different chapters are available for download, allowing the user to skip or compare any step of the tutorial by its own.

The iterative scaling method cf.

Doc:Calculix – CAELinuxWiki

The jet engine was build around a turbo-charger rotor in the early 90’s by Andreas Funke and Klaus Wittig. PDF Usual FEA applications involve analysis where multi body assemblies are loaded to determine the tjtorial behavior between each other, some of this data are friction, relative displacement and contact pressure.

Views Read View source View history. Both programs can calcuilx used independently. However, adhering to a couple of simple rules can make life a lot easier. Static, dynamic and thermal solutions are available. For this precise tutorial it will be assumed that the user its already familiar with the working environment of CalculiX CCX and CGX modules, if this is not the case it is recommendable to refer first to some beginner tutorial for example: Retrieved from ” http: The compressor is made of casted aluminum alloy AlSi calcullx C and the turbine of a calcukix temperature alloy Inco C and both are loaded by pure centrifugal force.


According to my experience, the following guidelines are quite helpful:. Applying the finite element method to real-life problems is not always a piece of cake. Both programs can be used independently. CalculiX user interface is cgx program, which allows to create the geometric model, making the mesh, generate the loads and constraints and post-processing of information.

CALCULIX: A Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Elemente Program

If you include contact in your calculations and you are using quadratic elements, first avoid calculid include middle nodes in the slave surface.

Based on a work at www. The method used is the finite element method. Since CalculiX uses the standard shape functions for linear elements too, the results must be considered with care.

In addition the eigenfrequencies were calculated to determine possible resonances with the vanes.

The linear version allows you to check easily whether the boundary conditions are correct no unrestrained rigid body modesthe loading is the one you meant to apply etc. The compressor is made of casted aluminum alloy AlSi – C and the turbine of a high temperature alloy Inco C. Shaded animations of static and dynamic results, the common color plots and time history plots can be created.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http: As the user is probably aware by now, the document make a number of simplifying assumptions as the tutorial progressed, this is done in the interest of gaining a clearer understanding of these fundamental without getting bogged down in special details and exceptions.

Click HERE to see the example of the turbo-charger compressor.