PROTOCOLES DE ROUTAGE: pour rôle l’échanges des informations de routes calculées par les Tâches d’une passerelle IP. Pour chaque datagramme IP qui traverse une passerelle, le protocole IP: . Niveau 2: HDLC. Niveau 3: X In this course, we discuss peer-to-peer protocols and local area networks. Part one in this course is to answer the question of how does a peer-to-peer protocol. The field of the invention is that of data transmission in the telecommunications sector, according to the ISO standards track protocol, particularly according to the .

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Country of ref document: He suffers no advance FIFO 88 if the channel is empty, and is incremented otherwise.

L’octet IT0 contient un signal de synchronisation. The means 70 dispose the data received from the PCM link, their Protocolle envelope and provide relevant data in an amount of information per time interval e.

This processing information 81 is read together with the data 71 by the controller 76 which thus identifies the appropriate treatment for the outgoing data. The time saving is important since, to handle bytes arriving at the rate of one byte every 3. The controller 76 thus receives in a very short time a hvlc 71 and a processing information that allows access without previous operations of this byte processing program.

The signal 95 causes a further read cycle in the memory 80 constituting the transcoding device. System according to claim 1 characterised in that said automatic processor comprises means for triggering each new cycle of said word analysing and processing device 74 triggered after performing each of the word processing cycles.

LI Free format text: Advantageously, said status information relating to the current data comprise at least one of the following: ES Free format text: NL Free format text: The invention relates more particularly to the structure and operation of the module 64, for receiving frames of HDLC operations transmitted on the PCM link The HDLC frames are transmitted successively on each channel, with a frame separator 21 between each successive frame.

Each of the lines 44 corresponding to a distinct channel feeds a common memory remultiplexing 47 which concentrates the decoded frames 48 before they are transmitted on a 50 processing bus 49 with processor 3 ISO level. At the output, the conversion memory 80 provides information 81 of adequate treatment for the current data Taking into account the rank of the current byte is used to selectively address each of the received frames as a function of its length.

The central element of the analysis device and processing the words is read only memory transcoding 8O. A cycle of operation of the means 74 of Figure 8 begins by receiving a trigger signal LEC 95 from the controller 76, when it is ready to receive and process a received byte in one of the channels of the link MIC Method and device for receiving side recognition of the associated data channels of transmitted time division multiplexed data signals.


cours protocole hdlc pdf to word

According to another advantageous characteristic of prohocole invention, said information processing provided by the transcoding means is constituted by a branch address from the processing machine, thereby providing the address directly processing program to be applied on the ‘byte received.

Ref legal event code: System according to claim 1 characterised in that it cooperates with an automatic analysis processor 76 comprising: Connection to a PCM link 10 is effected through a PCM coupler 57 preferably connected in parallel to two buses 52, System according to claim 1 characterised in that said transcoding means 80 have an input for status information 72 corresponding to the occurrence of a courz signal, said information 72 being supplied by said HDLC decoding means 70 for each synchronisation signal of the received PCM frame.

The embodiment to be described hereinafter relates to a link 10 of type MIC, built from 31 HDLC channels 11 multiplexed 12 with a synchronization channel 32nd standard MIC as shown schematically in Figure 1.

GB Ref legal event code: System according to claim 6 characterised in that said channel data comprises at least the location of the current byte in the current frame received in each channel or the status of the transmission channel. Kind code of ref document: Demand assign multiplexer providiing efficient demand assign function in multimedia systems having statistical multiplexing transmission.

As already noted, the PCM link supports 32 time intervals. Thus, in the known system shown in Figure 4, is carried out the recovery of HDLC frames, channel by channel, after demultiplexing System according to claim 1 characterised in that it comprises a FIFO memory 73 between said frame receiving means 70 and said word analysing and processing means SE Free format text: GB Free format text: Then when the logic 94 generates the signal 93 applied to the memory 85, 86, optionally the information incremented by the incrementer 90 is reregistered to an address which is then still that of the considered channel.

However, of course, the scope of the invention extends to other embodiments, in which one can find a level of frame 2 ISO format replacement of HDLC combined with a multiplexing mode more formatted channels on the transmission link Alternate MIC.

More specifically, the means 70 emit each received PCM frame, one byte 71 for each of the 32 channels of the PCM link.


In this way, the said machine, exempt from the prior analysis of the information concerning the circumstances of the transmission, as well as the monitoring of the reception of the frames directly performs the processing required by the reception of each byte.

Coding HDLC is to serialize the data and format in successive identifiable frames, each comprising, in particular, a “flag” fields separation signal, and a control information on two bytes, of the validity of the frame signature established as a function of bits of the framerecalculated on reception. DE Date of ref document: In a preferred embodiment of the invention, said means for analyzing and word treatment include, for addressing rpotocole channel information memory, determining means of the channel number of the received current word, cooperating with means for writing said channel information in the memory and reading of said means to channel information of said transcoding means.

System according to claim 1 characterised in that said status information 72 relating to the current data byte 71 comprises at least one of the following: An advantageous embodiment of progocole structure of the means 74 of analysis and processing of words is shown in Figure 8. Year of fee payment: Multiplexer and demultiplexer for bit-oriented datenuebertragungssteuerungsprotokoll.

CH Free format text: AT Date of ref document: A word consists of one byte of data 71 fraction frame accompanied by a status information 72 specifying the nature of the byte.

cours protocole hdlc pdf to word – PDF Files

The byte TS0 contains a synchronization signal. CH Ref legal event code: With respect to the diagram of Figure 4, such a single multiplexed HDLC circuit would be placed before the demultiplexer 45, instead that there is one for each channel placed after the demultiplexer. System according to claim 1 characterised in that said word analysing and processing means 74 comprise a memory 85, 86 for channel data 71 addressed by means 84 for determining the channel number of the current receive word and cooperating with means 90 for writing said channel data in the memory 85, 86 and means for reading said channel data 79 for further processing by said transcoding means The invention also aims to provide for such a system, a wired device, simple design, fast operation, and supports the cohabitation of different procedures simultaneously on the PCM channels eg CCITT n7 and X