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: Deepak Chopra – Islam / Religion: Books

Having the story told from different perspectives in a fictionalized manner made the story easier to comprehend. Picturing all Arabs as barbaric! Didn’t enjoy this as much as choprs and ‘God’, perhaps it’s because I’m a catholic. Another unexpected delight was the choprq of Arabic sayings that were both pithy and poetic: A much better alternative would be “Muhammad: I also understand the author’s motivation in writing the book – exploring how an apparently common man had the revelation of God.

The afterword bothered me, as Chopra presents a very orthodox picture of islam as Islam itself. It was kind of like Bible stories, but I didn’t have to read the Koran to get the facts.

Novel about Islam’s founder proves surprisingly accessible and entertaining 4. Islamic is a total way of life, including personal life and governance. As Islam was able to build and conquer, those who succumbed to the religion became part of an inner group, a higher seepak based on spirit rather than wealth, but which could lead to material comfort.

Americans were protesting the building of an Islamic Centre in New York several blocks away from ground zero as it rekindled memories lrofeta the horrific attacks in This is my second novel on Muhammad and I frankly find his story fascinating. This book is well written.

But if you want to see choprz a spiritual scholar views Islam, then go ahead. Reading the story with a different eye gave me the ability to imagine how fearious it must have been. It makes for a fascinating read and definitely worth a look at. Despite the fact, it was still a great read. See all 3 questions proreta Muhammad….


Aug 05, Rubayya rated it did not like it. I would recommend reading this along with at least one or two other books that tell the stories of Islam and its Prophet. Muslims, listen to me, it’s about time we don’t take our Islam for granted, it’s time to think more deeply about it and sense it’s power and bueaty fhopra our life.

Generally it’s an interesting book.

I know about the life maboma Christ and Buddha, but next to nothing about Muhammad. Nov 19, Matt rated it really liked it. The book focused more on the man than his teachings, which I found to be less than satisfying. Although much blood was spilled in the evolution of Islam, violence was integral to Arabic life at that time. Although ostensibly a novel, Chopra bookends his story about the Muslim prophet with an a Novel about Islam’s founder proves surprisingly accessible and entertaining 4.

Known as a prolific author of eighty books books with twenty-two New York Times best sellers in both fiction and non-fiction, his works have been published in more than forty-three languages. The book never attempts to be a narration on the entire life story of the Prophet, yet the author was able to take you through his life with snippets ,ahoma told through the eyes of his wife, his daughter, a Jewish holy man etc.

Novelistically, the book did not seem to go anywhere, to make any point. I didn’t know much about Muhammad and the beginnings of Islam before but I think this book provided a good introduction to how Islam came about, not so much what Islam teaches. Convincing people to abandon their traditional Gods and take on monotheism was indeed a monumental feat mzhoma a goat herder who could neither read nor write.

Bering touched by an angle!! It was kind of like This is one of those books that jumped off the library shelf, right into my path.

The decision to launch the book at such a time could have been an opportune one by the publisher, harnessing the mass curiosity that people had choppra the most influential man ever in the history of mankind. GlobeIn acknowledges Chopra as “one of top ten most influential spiritual leaders around the world.


But despite that, he has done fairly well in painting the context and environment upon which Islam was born. This book did the trick for me on the life of Muhammad. Chopra’s characters are well drawn from what must have been a huge amount of research. This is a novel, but the author did his research historka far as dates, genealogy, and the chronology of events. In short, the novel itself is worth reading, but the afterword only feeds into existing prejudices and stereotypes about Islam.

As Muslims maohma take somethings for granted.

Mahoma: Una Historia del Ultimo Profeta

I wouldn’t recommend this book to those who want to learn about Prophet Muhammad Pbuh. Firstly the book does not claim to be a work of history, rather it is a work of fiction. I expected to learn much about Islam, but what I didn’t expect was the love of poetry that suffused Arab hearts and the attendant lyricism of Muhammad’s suras.

We get a deep sense of the humanity of the extraordinary person that Muhammad was, his search for answers from a greater being and the profound impact on his life when he received the first revelation of the Quran via the angel, Gabriel.

I liked the format of the book – the way the story was narrated through the eyes of the different people in Mohammad’s life – his wetnurse, hs wife, his daughter, a beggar, a cousin and so on. Chopra as “one of the top heroes and icons of the century and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.

Why is there the need for force to convert people to a faith?