Shampoo Planet. Fiction · “My mother, Jasmine, woke up this morning to find the word D-I-V-O-R-C-E written in mirror writing on her forehead with a big. Shampoo Planet by Douglas Coupland – Shampoo Planet is the rich and dazzling point where two worlds collide — those of s parents and their s . Just a year after the cult success of his Generation X, with its tales of somethings, Coupland takes on the vid-kids one dance-step younger. With hair- care.

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This story is kind of sad, and the protagonist is kind of a bad person but I still couplamd bad for him in the end.

He bemoans the lack of ambition of just about everybody but drops out of college.

The symbolism is obvious. Jun 21, Bookshark rated it liked it. Some things take longer than others to get to.

Shampoo Planet | Book by Douglas Coupland | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster Canada

Jasmine, Tyler’s Woodstock mom; Dan, his land-developer stepfather; “Princess Stephanie,” Tyler’s European summer fling; and Anna Louise, his post-feminist girlfriend with an eating disorder. To them, Ronald Reagan is emperor”. I was just not immersed into the mood and theme of the book.

Unfortunately another 5 to 10 years make these realities seem all too possible. University of Western Ontario. We sleep heavily because we need to ask so many questions as we dream alone. As a reader, I would have liked to see the eating disorders subtopic delved into more deeply–there is scarce mention of what turned Anna-Louise from someone whom “[cannibals] would have At the very introduction of the novel, Dan divorces Jasmine.


Aprovechar su juventud y divertirse. Published March 1st by Scribner Book Company first published I expected the same power as what I experienced in Hey Nostradamus! The novel deals with Tyler, a Global Teen, who shares many characteristics of the character Tyler from Generation Xthe younger brother of Andy, Generation X’ s narrator.

SHAMPOO PLANET by Douglas Coupland | Kirkus Reviews

The secret is Stephanie, a rich French girl who took him in and became his girlfriend for those last weeks in Paris, and was everything that Anne-Louise wasn’t, uncaring, materialistic, world-weary.

They are couplwnd when compared with their siblings in the X Generation. Preview — Shampoo Planet by Douglas Coupland. I tried to read Generation X when I was 13 or so and, frankly, I just didn’t get it.

Fever dream consumerism and alternative shampop, the two obsessions of the era, figure heavily in the bildungsromanesque plot. Amusing but not memorable. This book was fantastic. With a dropout hippy father more later and a deadbeat partner or ex-partner, the book starts with Janine throwing out the useless Danits no wonder that Tyler is a bit more of a pragramatist.

Coupland has a way of utilizing small, insidious devices to emphasize a certain attitude; an excellent example of this was the copious use of brand-names, each bearing a trademark symbol. He’s good enough to get away with these small crimes, and it’s not like other authors don’t navigate the same territory over and over again, anyway.

I liked Anna-Louise whampoo best. It raises a lot issues about modern society and even offers a few solutions. He has written and performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company shamloo Stratford, England, and in resumed his practice as a visual artist, with exhibitions in spaces in North America, Europe and Asia.


Tyler is a completely unsympathetic protagonist, and his treatment of Anna-Louise makes it even more alarming that she even considers him worthy of her time. So here’s this kid: If you were aware and alive in the 90s this book will take you back.

Shampoo Planet

This novel’s ending is much more emotional and surreal than the others’. He just bored me. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m a Coupland fan. Like all great Canadians, Coupland has a much keener s I tried to read Generation X when I was 13 or so and, frankly, I just didn’t get it.

Sep 30, Clare Walker rated it really liked it. Amistades y amores fugaces como el agua entre las manos. This sounds a little bleak, and it is.

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A Different Drummer Diuglas. This Coupland book was like comfort food for me. Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox.

In his family moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he continues to live and work. It is in Los Angeles that Tyler begins to comprehend advice that his mother gave him about loneliness.