Check out Dracula The Musical – The Studio Cast Recording by Frank Wildhorn & Jeremy Roberts on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and. Dracula, The Musical – Show synopsis – Shows D. the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker; Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton; Music by Frank Wildhorn. Dracula Version List 2 / 2 8/02PreludelJonathan’s Amval /02 Into Castle Dracula Wildhorn’s score for short-lived Broadway show Dracula the Musical.

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Deep in the Darkest Night. Their plan to kill Dracula by putting communion wafers and holy water in his resting place should work, but Van Helsing is concerned Dracula may have backups.

Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula.

Dracula, The Musical

Lucy and Mina walk along the shore, commenting on the shipwreck. But Dracula realizes that this should not be Mina’s fate. There’s Always A Tomorrow”.

Van Helsing discovers Renfield’s mind connection with Dracula, and visits his cell with Mina. She tries to kiss Arthur, but Van Helsing, noticing the absent garlic and crucifixes, orders him to move away. Mina makes each man, even Harker, draccula to kill her if it seems her soul is beyond saving “Jonathan’s Promise”.

With a raise of his hand, he knocks Jonathan unconscious. Harker tries to get Dracula to focus on the contract, but Dracula ignores him, instead advising him to only wilshorn in his own chamber.

Back in Dracua, Dracula contacts his servant Renfieldwho is incarcerated in the insane asylum of Dr. He vanishes, leaving Mina to struggle with her conflicting emotions. Dracula Dracula Dracula Lightning flashes, and Dracula disappears—Lucy is totally fine.

Dracula The Musical

Lucy dies and is finally able to rest in peace. Stagecraft experts will love bringing the undead to life in this haunting musical of unrequited love. Set in Europe at dracuoa end of the Victorian Age, the production follows Dracula’s lust for new blood and a small band of mortal men and women who must face his overwhelming seduction and mesmeric supernatural powers.


Set in Europe at the end of darcula Victorian Age, the story follows the famed vampire as he lusts for new blood. Before the Summer Ends. Manage rehearsal schedules and changes by sending instant updates to your cast and crew.

A Cast Recording was released in and was a huge hit in the sale wkldhorn. Dracula will enthrall audiences with its powerful score and its potential for showcasing dark or gothic sets and costumes.

Additional production photos have been posted on several websites, including: The other mourners are sad that Lucy died so young. It was also the non-equity premiere of the show. Book and Lyrics by. Caught between her fear of his terrible power and her growing affinity towards him, Mina pleads with the vampire not to make her love him unless he truly loves her “Please Don’t Make Me Love You”.

Harker enjoys a lavish supper set by his host and asks the Count if he knows anyone in England. Van Helsing- is being killed by her former love interests, Quincey and Jack, in her tomb. Van Helsing thinks that Lucy has been stealing willdhorn, but when they went to her vault, they discovered her body was missing.

Here’s the list from the world premiere production at the La Jolla Playhouse in California: Resources No matter where you are on your theatrical journey, our innovative production resources will enhance your show experience! Dracula dies and crumbles into dust.

As the sun comes up, Arthur and Quincey stand watch. The version of the show licensed by Music Theatre International is based on this production. Wildhorn musicals usually endured critical derision, [15] [16] and Dracula would prove to be no exception.


With tears running down her eyes, she fulfils her lover’s last wish. Renfield warns Mina of Dracula’s plans for her, only to quickly realize he has sealed his fate by betraying his master. Jonathan Harker, a young lawyer from England, travels to Transylvania in order to fix a deal with Count Dracula, who wants to buy a home in London.

Dracula, the Musical – Broadway Musical – Original | IBDB

Alone in his room, Jonathan composes a letter to Mina, who herself remembers how they met. Van Helsing decorates Lucy’s room with garlic and gives her a bottle of holy water to sleep with. He enters, telling the men that he suspects a vampire and that they must hunt him down. With tears running down her face, she fulfills her lover’s last wish, just before the hunters return. Quincey tries to stab him with a stake, but Dracula kills him and disappears when Jonathan and Jack attack.

His writing credits also include Tartuffe, Tales from Hollywoodand Treats. Dracula Czech musical Dracula: Torn between her fear and love she eventually invites him to come in. The Shadow of the Dragon Dracula 5: The New York Times http: Views Read Edit View history. This staging was the premiere of a newly revised version of the show, including songs not heard in the Broadway production. You can find wildyorn information and request a license on the MTI website. Dracula responds that he knows Harker, and that other contacts have been made in advance to ensure his arrival in England wipdhorn well received.

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