EPA Method A in the EPA methods list database. View all EPA methods. EPA Method A: Chlorinated Biphenyl. Congeners by HRGC/HRMS. Horizon Technology, Inc., Salem, NH. Horizon Technology, Inc., 45 Northwestern Dr. Ecology may require or allow the use of the most current accepted revision of EPA Method (USEPA, ) at contaminated sites, instead.

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Latex gloves are commonly used to reduce 16668a of the hands. Archive both the concentrated solvent and the solvent in the catch flask for a contamination check if necessary. Prior to the cleanup procedures cited above, tissue 168a are cleaned up using an anthropogenic isolation column. The written report also must provide comments on the performance of any part of Method A; and A detailed description of any modifications to the procedures specified in Method A.

1668 Clamp the filter and SPE disk between the 1-L glass reservoir and the vacuum filtration flask. Replace the solution if solvent loss has occurred. Breakup aggregates with a stirring rod until a uniform mixture is obtained.

Low recoveries at LOCs 1 and 2 Table may be due to loss during transport from the sample preparation laboratory to the participant laboratories. Development of accuracy statements is described in Section 9.

Method A Interlaboratory Validation Study Report

As discussed in section 3 of this report, because of scheduling problems 3 of these 14 volunteer labs did not submit data. Brand names, suppliers, and part numbers are ea illustration purposes only and no endorsement is implied.

1668q Rinse the distilling flask with mL of methylene chloride and pour through the drying column. The K-D technique is used for solvents such as methylene chloride and hexane.


US EPA METHOD A/B/C “STARTER KIT” – Cambridge Isotope Laboratories –

Cut tissue too large to feed into the grinder into smaller pieces. When handling samples suspected or known to contain high concentrations of the CBs, an additional set of gloves can also be worn beneath the latex gloves. Grind the blank and reference matrix aliquots using a clean grinder. In the case of the second biosolids sample, 1668 emulsion resulted during back-extraction with base Section It is used to check laboratory performance with test materials prepared external eps the normal preparation process.

Youden pairs are defined as two samples of the same matrix containing similar, but not exact, concentrations of the analytes of interest. Remove the Snyder column and rinse the glass joint into the receiver with small portions of solvent.

Lipids must be removed by an anthropogenic isolation column procedure, followed by the gel permeation chromatography procedure as described in the method. The total number of analyses per laboratory could be upwards of 75 if calibration, QC, and a method detection limit MDL study are included. Where possible, reagents are cleaned by extraction or solvent rinse. Transfer the solvent to the separatory funnel, and extract the sample by shaking the funnel for 2 minutes with periodic venting.

In one of the biosolids samples, upon the first acid wash, the sample appeared black in color and the phases could not be distinguished. One of the individual chlorinated biphenyl congeners determined using this Method.

The carbon column has been included in this Method to allow separation of co-planar congeners 77,and from other congeners and interferences, should such separation be desired. If the size of the largest particles is greater than 1 mm, the particle size must be reduced to 1 mm or less prior to extraction using the procedures in Section Native PCB standards are available from several suppliers.


Unique resolution means a valley height less than 40 percent of the shorter of the two peaks that result when the Diluted combined congener solution Section 7. A second-column option is provided for resolution of the two toxic PCB congeners congener and that are not resolved on the SPB-octyl column and for resolution of other CB congeners.

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The most frequently encountered interferences 16668a chlorinated dioxins and 1668x, methoxy biphenyls, hydroxydiphenyl ethers, benzylphenyl ethers, brominated diphenyl ethers, polynuclear aromatics, polychlorinated naphthalenes, and pesticides. 1668aa the third extraction, rinse the separatory funnel with at least 20 mL of methylene chloride, and drain this rinse through the sodium sulfate into the concentrator. The CBs are listed in Table 1. Only glass or fluoropolymer tubing must be used.

This fraction will contain CBs 77,and The effects of contamination on results for these congeners should be understood in order to make a reliable determination. Set aside the concentration device for use after back-extraction or other cleanup. If an emulsion forms and is more than one-third the volume of the solvent layer, employ mechanical techniques to complete the phase separation see note below.