For this reason, a few shipowners or charterers choose to appoint an exclusive broker since they believe that the exclusive broker will better protect their. Shipbroking is a financial service, which forms part of the global shipping industry . Shipbrokers are specialist intermediaries/negotiators (i.e. brokers) between. Shipbroking is an exciting, fast-paced career with an international outlook – but what do shipbrokers actually do, what separates good from.

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Is this situation rear in your everyday shipping life or have you come across similar situations in the past? But is this really the case? Everything is very clear and easy to understand even for a complete newbie.

You definately gave me tips on how to look for a shipbroker job more effeciently and effectively. Look forward to hearing from you in your blog.

I’m printing them now. Anonymous February 1, at Shipbrokign just stumbled across your blog today during class and purchased the book immediately when I got home. Here is another real story: Ship-owner Ship-manager Ship-broker Charterer.

Commissions in shipbroking practice

Now climb that ladder! While I understand every company organises their staff differently, I would like your opinion to reconcile my observations with what I have gathered from your book. The shipbrokers not the operation executive were in close contact with the charterers to resolve problems such as delays, cargo problems, and ensuring the goods arrive in good condition. Inwide gone through your training manual.


Until you actually start working in the industry and applying those facts, all that preparation will more than likely mean nothing in terms of practical use. Some practical info to go along with the legal aspects of the industry.

Phillip April 7, at 9: He mentioned that since the other broker was not willing to accept a lower proportion, he was not also willing to take a worse position. BTW – You will spend the next 20 years learning the remaining 20 percent! During such proceedings, shipbrokers not only negotiate the price of the vessel on behalf of their principals but also all the logistical details for the transfer of the title and the vessel itself to the buyers new ownersincluding the banking arrangements.

I am a 24 year old lady from Singapore. After you pay you will be reading them within minutes! Also, in such cases, the pride of each broker and their ego, which is very strong, may not allow them to see the overall picture for the benefit of their principal but they are just trying to find ways on how they will take advantage against the other brokers and how to make more money for themselves.

I’m not sure some of them even know what they do; or at least they do a poor job of explaining it to the public. In the latter chapter on ‘Orlando’, it appears to imply a shipbroker’s main task is a fixing machine.

Payment is via credit card and Paypal.

Inside Shipbroking

How to enter the Bulk Shipping Industry in the quickest, cheapest and most effective manner. They seem like they give valuable insight. Hopefully Fast Track will answer some of my more technical Questions. The dialogues feel truely authentic.


That means they are fully downloadable files. The Negotiation tips are great.

During any negotiation minor disputes shipbrokiny occur which are to be handled in accordance with market fluctuation, i.

Staying in the door 59 Surviving the first 2 years Playing it Smart Chapter 8: I also wanted your thoughts about woman in the industry. For some specific voyages, such as named voyages i. Howdy – all books are e-books.

What do you usually see: Ego, Greed or Professionalism in your daily ship chartering routine?

The file is a zipped Adobe Acrobat format. MB June 28, at 1: Anonymous January 24, at 2: International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. For ‘Inside Shipbroking’ I have included below various testimonials and a brief outline of the Contents – so that you know exactly what you are getting before you press the purchase button.

Retrieved from ” https: What do you usually see: Tanker brokers similarly negotiate maritime contracts, known as Charter Parties. As a trainee shipbroker I think your fast track is easy to understand.

In my considered opinion, gained over 20 years in the industry, these essential elements should only take 20 percent of your time to absorb and understand.