Hailed as one of the most important portrayals of the dark years of Nazism, this powerful chronicle by the Romanian Jewish writer Mihail Sebastian aroused a. The thesis Imaginarul spațiului în opera lui Mihail Sebastian (The Imaginary of the Chapter V – Spațiul intim în Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian (The intimate. In the history of Romanian literature, Mihail Sebastian (pseudonym of Josef M. Hechter) fares as a .. record: after 6 months, a translator from English‖ (Jurnal, ). In early .. ―Nae Ionescu a fost o vreme Dumnezeul lui‖. Adevărul de.

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You actually feel like clapping when one of them gets their watch stolen by a Russian soldier towards the end. Romania has it’s own fascists and their target is “the other”, the Jew, the eternal scapegoat. Or sometimes onlyWith the fact that I thought that the Romanian interbellum is glorified unjustly everywhere despite the rampant inequality and open discrimination and this book sort of shows everything wrong with the wonderful years of flappers, skirts and WW2? I found his insights to be rather piercing especially as to the ambivalence of WWII policies, nothing sweeping or unified, this was all chortled fictionally later by Olivia Manning in her Balkan Trilogy.

Be the first to ask a question about For Two Thousand Years. Romania during the s and 30s. His remarkable diary was published only recently in its original language and is here translated into English for the first time.

Subiectivitate si obiectivitate in Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian

Mihail Sebastian, born Iosif Hechter, was a Romanian playwright, essayist, journalist and novelist. I was most pleased to find this treasure.

Despre emotii si dolii in filmul “Intors pe dos”. I literally missed the plot.


Eliade comes across as a pompous prick, Camil Petrescu as an obnoxious asshole with the exact opposite of the impostor syndrome, believing he is the smartest person in the world, them and a lot of others constantly anti-Semitic.


Treceti cat mai repede la catolicism!

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A bit torn, a bit stained — but not too bad.

His prose is a pleasure to read, better still when he gets to the truth of things. He died without getting to see the Communists turning anti-Semites and ultra-nationalists. Romania for the Romanians!

Seria Filologie, Fascicula Limba si Literatura Romana is the property of University of Oradea, Faculty of Letters and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted oui a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission. Nu stiu daca, traind dincolo de 38 de ani, ar fi ajuns cel mai mare scriitor roman. There could be something regal in this return to earth, a good, generous solemn fact.

He was hit by a truck and died in When Norman Manea’s attack on Eliade came out in TNR in I simply couldn’t believe it – I had read pages of Eliade’s memoirs, he had been a friend and mentor to my very favorite deceased father-in-law [an easy choice – my admiration for him had never been sullied by acquaintance And yet it is so. Want to Read Currently Reading Luui. I don’t know if I’ll repeat the experience.

La dignidad de un escritor en un mundo que se derrumba. The politics of the era in Romania was driven by anti-Semitism, and a blind faith in Hitler – when Hitler’s fortunes began to decline, the population switched back to being anti-Nazi, or pro-democracy.

The Fascist Years’ now that I jugnalul finished this. His grandmother dies and he wishes she would have embraced it and died more easily. What remains from those years is not only the bloodied heads, the careers that were made and a steady engagement with anti-Semitism, but also a revolutionary spirit, a seed of a sincere rebellion against the world in which we live.

With a wide range of characters, each largely different from the other, he brings together the various school of political beliefs in a conflict ecosystem. Sebastian’s decision to include the preface prompted criticism from the Jewish community notable Jewish satirist Ludovic Halevy, for instance, referred to Sebastian as “Ionescu’s lap dog”as well as the far-right circles patronized by Ionescu and the Iron Guard. I see myself in New York, and then — weary of all the noise — in lhi quite provincial town, where I write smash-hit plays for Broadway without feeling curious enough to go and see them.


Presented through the protagonist’s journal, the book meditates on what it means be a Jew. It was written in and is so auto-biographical as to be almost a diary, it seems. Now it seems that he is being challenged by those even farther to this right.

Nov 15, Carol Baldwin rated it liked it Shelves: A lot of the today problems are caused by the question of belonging. After being kicked out of his home due to the new antisemitic laws, Sebastian moved into a tenement slum where he continued his writing.

Throughout his Journal Sebastian references Dante’s “look in my face; my name is might have been”. They should get out of here. View all 7 comments. I received an a finished MP3 audio Cd as a win from LibraryThing from the publishers in exchange for a fair book review.

A highly prescient read, published inby a man who was there and suffered for it. As weeks turn to months and months turn to years, the reader witnesses the gradual introduction jurnalu anti-Jewish laws. I’d have liked it if no one had seen me, if I had seen no one.